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Glaciers in Iceland

We had the opportunity to go to Iceland three years ago, and it was a truly awe inspiring experience. There are many times in my ...
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Solo Travel With Children

I was talking to a friend recently who traveled out of the country alone who mentioned originally feeling fearful after reading some posts in a ...
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How to Cruise as a Big Family

One of the biggest questions we receive in regards to traveling is how we do it as a big family, particularly, how do we cruise ...
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Our Cruise Line Comparison Summer 2015

The Summer of 2015, we took two cruises within three weeks. The first was on the Carnival Magic, and the second was on the Royal ...
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Our First Trip to the United Kingdom August 2013

Before I decided to delve into travel blogging, I have had an active blog on my midwifery site, which is generally related to birth, but ...
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