Who Are We?

The Stellhorn Clan

Christopher (Chris) is a native Texan, while Shannon is from Missouri originally, but they have raised their family in the Houston area up till now. Chris & Shannon were married in 2005 and as of 2021 have five kids! Their oldest is adopted and in the process of enlistment for the US military, he will not be moving to Scotland.  Their youngest was born late-summer 2020!

Chris has been a minister in the Christian Church for almost 20 years, serving in Texas and Oklahoma. He also briefly served a Baptist church in Texas, he served as an adjunct teacher of youth ministry and they both served as houseparents at a Christian maternity home. Christopher has served on the board of Tanglewood Christian Camp for almost ten years. 

Shannon is a trained Home Birth Midwife, taught with the Texas Midwifery School, ran a doula training program, and is a certified travel agent. She plans to use her talents to create an outreach program to provide location support and a new moms support group. They are both, along with the rest of the family, serving as missionary church planters (Missional Community Builders). They plan to launch into Scotland soon!

Our vision is to see all of Scotland come to know Christ! 

Many Scots do not have access to a Bible Believing church in their village or community and we will make that happen! 

The mission of Clan Stellhorn is to make new disciples, plant new churches, and train new leaders!

Our goal is to support the current churches that are faithfully serving their communities in the midst of a post-Christian culture. Many of these great servants are doing it alone and we will be the serving hands ready, with years of ministry experience, to help them to accomplish their mission and reach their communities! 

Next, we will begin the process of missional community building (church planting)! There are few gospel-centered, Bible believing churches in Scotland and we will establish churches that preach Christ crucified.  We plan to establish a Bible training institute where new leaders may be trained and sent out. Our vision includes the creation of children’s programs, including a church camp program, so kids may come to know Christ and be encouraged to lead a life in service to Jesus.

We want to see a church in every town, village and borough in Scotland! We will accomplish this goal by serving the local community where we live, loving people as family and rather than just hearing about Jesus, letting them see Jesus through our lives. 

We will be located initially in NE Scotland between Aberdeen and Inverness.

I was introduced to Chris over a decade ago, and soon after began a season in which we met nearly weekly to research, plan and write collaborative message outlines. From that point to now, I have known Chris to be a creative, faithful, and courageous follower of Jesus who loves his Savior. In the years I have known them, Chris and Shannon have always displayed a deep commitment to Christ, His community and His gospel mission. They have a genuine love for people who are far away from God and live in such a way that extends a welcoming invitation to join His family. It is no surprise to me that God has opened up opportunities to take that welcoming invitation overseas and serve the people of Scotland. Their passion for Jesus, His Church, and those who are lost combined with their humility and winsomeness as a couple make it a joy for me to wholeheartedly commend them for your consideration.
Jeff Hogan
Minister; Convergence Christian Church, Katy, TX
March 9, 2021
I’m profoundly blessed by this opportunity to commend my friend and Christian brother Chris Stellhorn, and his wife Shannon, to you. I’ve known Chris since he was a child, as we grew up attending the same home church, Arcadia Christian Church in Santa Fe, TX. I can attest with no exaggeration that Chris has been, his whole life, a lover of Jesus and a student of the Word.   I’ve followed Chris and Shannon’s journey with great excitement as they first felt the call, then explored the possibilities, of missionary work in Scotland. I can say with conviction that I believe they’re genuinely called to this endeavor, and that their vocation has the mark of the Holy Spirit on it.   The need in Scotland is great, and, from all I have learned, the work there would benefit greatly from the Stellhorn family’s particular capacities. Additionally, Chris’ years of service with our regional Christian Camp (at which I often had occasion to work alongside him and see his passion and talent firsthand) provide him with a unique perspective that will doubtlessly drive new kinds of ministry in Scotland that are not currently being provided.   I hope, having given serious consideration to the kingdom opportunities provided for your church through the Stellhorns, you will throw the weight of whatever resources you have available behind their course.  I believe you will rejoice at the results.
Jeffrey Eernisee
Minister; Second Christian Church, Houston, TX
June 14, 2021
I have known Chris and Shannon Stellhorn for eight years and have found their commitment to Christ and the gospel to be exemplary.  This has been demonstrated through years of deep concern for those far from Christ and is now seen in their planned move to Scotland where few know the love of Jesus.
Minister, Cypress Crossings Christian Church, Cypress, TX
March 4, 2021
Chris has a gift for speaking. He takes complex ideas and spins them into talks that feel like bedtime stories. You get lost in your imagination and forget that you are actually learning something and maybe even reconsidering your life choices.
Matt Murphy
Freelance Copywriter
April 27, 2020
Chris and I worked together as deans at Tanglewood Christian Camp. The job requires many talents that are frankly too long to list. But I can say he is an excellent speaker, program leader, Bible study leader, free thinker, activities coordinator, production tech guru and all around hard worker who can do just about anything he sets his mind too.
Kaemen Chiles
Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Silicon Valley Bank
April 27, 2020
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Chris for the last 7 years in the men’s ministry, Marked Men for Christ, and observed him in his capacity as youth minister and associate pastor at Cypress Crossings Christian Church. Chris is a kingdom builder and relationship connector, helping others to grow in faith and be established in doctrine. He is dedicated servant leader for healthy relationships families and youth. He is Christ centered humble and godly encourager that desires to see real change and healing in Houston area youth and families. As a pastor, homeschooling dad, and leader, he exemplifies honor integrity and Texas grit to those around he and his family. I recommend Chris without hesitation, he will be a great asset to any initiative and team.
Scott McKenzie
Marked Men for Christ Texas Co-State Director
April, 2021
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