Solo Travel With Children

The three kiddos and I checking out the Abbey at Holyrood Palace.

I was talking to a friend recently who traveled out of the country alone who mentioned originally feeling fearful after reading some posts in a social media forum about her safety while out of the country. Being part of many travel groups myself, I am continually surprised by the fear spread no matter where one is traveling about the “dangers” in such and such country.

On the bus, and heading into Edinburgh!

Sure, there are some countries where it would not be advisable to travel. That being said, most places traveled requiring being street smart, just as you should be in your own home town. I do not believe one should let fear hold them back from experiencing the world, and when being smart, I do believe that a lot of places are as safe as our own familiar cities and towns.

Dress up fun at the palace!

We are frequent cruisers, and my husband prefers to enjoy the empty boat at every port of call. Sometimes the children want to get off, and I have no qualms getting off the boat with my kiddos and doing our own thing.

Having fun exploring!

On our most recent holiday to Scotland, Silas wanted to have a chill day. So he and Christopher went around town to check out little charity shops, while the other three kiddos and I took public transport into Edinburgh, and walked to visit and tour the Palace of Holyroodhouse. I had a couple people make comments of how scary that was that I did that alone, but it truly is not. Here is what I did ahead of time to make this solo adult experience into a big city alone easier on myself:

Napping baby on the bus.
  • We had our full public transportation schedule saved and route already predetermined so no matter what, we knew the times the bus left and what bus led where and could get us back to our bus stop outside of our rental home.
  • I had the walking route from the bus stop to the palace and back in reverse already saved on my phone as well, which made it very easy to follow.
  • I wore the baby in a wrap, which makes traveling around a breeze!
  • We had pre-purchased tickets, and had those in hand when the doors opened.
  • I made sure to feed and change the baby at the palace cafe before attempting to venture back home via public transportation.

If you find you will be traveling solo or being solo with your children, make sure to research, plan ahead, be street smart and aware of your surroundings, and most importantly, have fun!


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