How to Cruise as a Big Family

Big brothers love to help with baby!

One of the biggest questions we receive in regards to traveling is how we do it as a big family, particularly, how do we cruise as a big family. Traveling with our children can be stressful, but is so very rewarding.

There are multiple ways one can consider when cruising with a bigger family. Our first cruise after we had the baby, my in-laws also went on the same cruise. We opted for that cruise to book two of our boys into their room, and the other two kiddos in our room. It worked out great.

All of our kiddos after breakfast in the dining room.

We are planning a back to back cruise in November, and this time we have booked two different state rooms. When pricing everything, it is no more expensive (in fact it is a bit cheaper) to book a second state room versus putting our boys in a room with grandparents.

You have two options when booking two state rooms for your family.

Baby has to have pictures by the towel animals.

One, you can opt to do a side by side room, which generally requires planning far in advance to get the rooms side by side. Some rooms have connecting doors, and can be reassuring if you have smaller children you plan to put in the second state room.

Someone loved the sea breezes on her little face!

Two, you can book the state rooms across from each other or caddy corner from each other. On our upcoming cruise, we are booked into an oceanview room with our baby, and our boys are booked caddy corner in an interior room. This keeps them close, and saved us several hundred dollars for our upcoming back to back.

Just because you have a big family does not mean you can’t cruise! It is very doable for both space and finances. Need help booking your upcoming cruise? Email me at Would love to help you make this easier!

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