Testimonial #46


“I’ve been attempting to write this out over the past 5 months. Each time I’ve tried, the words haven’t conveyed my feelings about Shannon and our experience as her patients.

My first encounter with Shannon was a rough one. I had heard her name when I first found out I was pregnant and was asking around about midwives and birth centers. Everyone I spoke to said she was THE best midwife in the North Houston area. But she was also pregnant and due around the same time so it didn’t look like she would be able to be our midwife.  I was reading through birth center testimonials a week later when a mutual friend of ours contacted me and said that Shannon had had a miscarriage and was available to help with our birth. I was stunned. I couldn’t understand how anyone could feel that kind of loss and continue helping others to have beautiful births and babies while mourning the loss of her own. That night I talked with my husband and told him “She’s either the strongest woman on the planet, or shes crazy. I think we should talk to her.” I contacted Shannon and asked her a few questions, we set up an appointment so that we could meet and decide if we wanted to birth with her. At our meeting, we asked all of the typical questions… is it safe, what do we do if there is an emergency, what happens if you can’t make it, etc. I have never felt so comfortable putting my safety and trust in someone else’s hands. She answered every question thoroughly and honestly. I left that appointment with the perfect midwife for my perfect birth.

Then I lost my baby. Shannon was so supportive. She walked me through what was going to happen, (being prepared helps calm my anxiety) and was there for me through the entirety. She would call or text to check on me even long after the actual miscarriage had passed. She wasn’t just concerned for my physical well being, but my emotional state as well.

She is here!A couple months later I noticed I was more hormonal than normal and decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. I immediately texted Shannon and asked if it could be residual hormones from the miscarriage. She said it wasn’t likely and asked me to take another test… I took 4. All positive. I was pregnant again. I couldn’t breathe. I was so scared to get excited or celebrate, I just knew I would “jinx it”. After an ultrasound and then another and then a couple visits with Shannon and hearing my baby’s heartbeat on the doppler, I finally took a breath.
To say that Shannon was there for us through my pregnancy is such an understatement. She helped us find a birthing class and gave us advice on choosing a Doula. She was always available for questions and talked me down when I would worry. Overall my pregnancy was pretty smooth. Our appointments were fun, and Shannon was great with our 2 year old being there for all appointments.
When it came time for our birth, she was a fantastic support. Her team was phenomenal and took care of everything to help me have the birth that I had envisioned and bond with my baby immediately after. She helped me move through positioning to move our birth along, but listened to me and respected my instincts as well. She delayed cutting the cord and allowed me to breastfeed before taking the baby to do measurements, and made sure we were both clean, cozy and sleepy before she left us for the night.
I could not be happier with our experience with Shannon as our midwife. She has become not just an awesome midwife, but a friend, and a role model. (In case you were wondering, she IS in fact the strongest woman on the planet.) I would, and do recommend her to everyone I know. If you’re considering birthing with a midwife please take the time to chat with her. I could never imagine my birth with anyone else, and I am so incredibly thankful for the paths that made it possible.” Crystal, Spring, mother of Amelia, born on June 15, 2016



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