Testimonial #43


I have only the highest respect and regard for Shannon. I met her over 5 years ago and she supported me through a successful VBAC at the hospital of my choice as my doula (I was dealing with tons of fear and PTSD at the time). Dottie 6 Week PPNot only that, but her consistently humble-but-bold spirit of teaching and empowerment helped my husband and I understand common pitfalls of pregnancy and birth choices these past few years. We chose to HBAC this spring with Shannon as our midwife (including Rowan her assistant/apprentice) and I could not have been more supported or safe. Her knowledge is expansive and holistic beyond any OBGYN or midwife I’ve ever met, including husband/partner care, emotional well-being, diet/nutrition, and more. When she didn’t know about my specific adrenal needs, you’d better believe she went and found out everything she could put her fingers on. She’s practically OCD without ever being a fear-monger. She doesn’t let her passion for safe homebirth ever outweigh actual needs for transfers to hospital settings. She is a true leader, allowing my needs and voice to be heard. Thanks Shannon, for all you do. I truly appreciate you. Dottie, Houston, mother of Cierra born on April 3, 2016

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