Testimonial #28


I met Shannon after moving to Texas at 37 weeks pregnant with baby #4. I had researched so much about homebirth with baby #3 but unable to convince my husband I had another hospital birth, when surprise baby #4 came along, I was determined to have a natural home water birth.  Moving so late in my pregnancy almost destroyed my dream of a homebirth, I searched all over Houston for a midwife who would be willing to take me on so late in my pregnancy. I knew the instant I talked to Shannon she was “the one”, she completely understood my passion,  my huge desire and determination for a homebirth. I felt cared for and understood by her from our first meeting, she never made me feel rushed, she answered every question with a detailed answer and she was always happy to see me and my 3 older children. I never felt like a patient walking into Shannon’s home, I always felt like a friend, she is the most caring and compassionate woman I have ever met. The day I went into labor she was in constant contact with me, she came to my home quickly after I wanted her to come, she walked in while I was having a contraction, she stood quietly waiting for it to pass, then asked how I was feeling as I was getting into the pool. I told Shannon I was having a lot of back pain so she applied counter pressure during every contraction until she had to catch my baby. She talked to me, between contractions telling me exactly what was happening. I was so relaxed and comfortable because of her during my labor. When my daughter came earthside we discovered she was posterior and that was the reason for my back pain. Shannon was wonderful, I am thankful everyday that our paths crossed, I learned very quickly that Shannon will always be a part of my life, she is a great friend and will do anything to help you out, and I would do anything for Shannon! I am honored to call her my friend. Tamie, Hockley, mother of Dorothy born July 30, 2014

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