Birth Story of Avery


T and G began their care with me near the end of the first trimester.  The first time meeting them you could see the wealth of knowledge and excitement that they had about welcoming their first baby into the world. T’s pregnancy progressed beautifully.  She researched every decision, took hypnobirthing and arranged a doula for her birth.  I loved how educated and prepared she was for her birthing day. The morning of the 10th, T text me around 345 stating she woke up from her sleep to surges that seem to be coming fairly consistently every 5 minutes, lasting over a minute long.  I encouraged her to drink a large glass of water and take a warm bath and see how the surges felt.  We agreed she would let me know in an hour how she felt. Meanwhile, while I rested, I had restless dreams that R (from the birth story of Bronn) water broke and I was an hour away and she delivers quickly.  Sure enough, R’s water broke at 515 and I headed her way while keeping in close contact with T about how her labor was progressing. I left for T’s home at 10am.  She stated surges were every 4 minutes, lasting over a minute long. Around 1130, we decide to do an assessment and see where we were in the labor process.  Surges were coming every 5 minutes, lasting 60 seconds.  T could still talk to me through them.  Cervical check found her to be 3cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby engaged at a 0 station.  We could see bloody show and could tell that lots of good changes were under way!  We swept membranes and kept on laboring. During this phase, T”s demeanor shifted.  She paced her living room through surges.  They appeared to be mild because she continued to talk to us through them.  I suggested she put on her rainbow relaxation cd and she declined.  I suggested we could put up her birth affirmation posters, and she declined.  We continued to encourage her about how amazing she was and keep her company as she rocked and walked through the surges. Close to 2pm, we decided we should do another check.  She was now 4cm/90%/0.  Patient drank some juice and continued rotating positions.  About an hour after the check, the contractions shifted.  We could notice a change in the intensity of the surges.  T began to have to focus, moan, rock with each surge.  Surges began to come every 4 minutes, lasting 90 seconds.  We got the pool filled, and T sunk into the warm birth pool a little after 3pm. T labored perfectly over the next couple of hours in the birthing pool, rotating positions and rocking and moaning through each surge.  We put her rainbow relaxation CD on during this time, and it helped her focus  and get through each surge. Shortly before 5pm, T mentioned she was feeling some pressure.  We did a cervical exam and found great change had occurred.  T was 6cm dilated, completely effaced and baby was sitting at a +1 station.  Surges were still regular, every 4-5 minutes, 90 seconds and moderate in intensity. At 6:30, we decided to get T out of the tub to warm the water for her and to have her change positions.  I encouraged her to sit on the toilet because the toilet seems to help promote great change.  Emptying the bladder usually brings stronger surges.  T agreed and got out of the birthing pool and moved to the toilet.  She labored well, moaning with each surge, with her supportive husband at her side.  She labored there for awhile, and decided to be checked before getting back into the pool.  She was now 7-8cm.  I encouraged her of how amazing she was doing and how she right on track with her progress.  She was amazing. As 9pm was coming near, I could see the signs that we were moving into transition.  T said to me she was feeling so much pressure and she didn’t know if she could go on much longer.  She worked with her body, releasing the tension in the way her body told her.  It was during this time that T looked at me and said, “I don’t know how women do this over and over.  I am one and done!”  (Later, she took back that and said she would definitely have more babies and have them at home.)  Surges were coming every 4 minutes, lasting over 90 seconds and they were definitely hard in intensity.  T rocked through the surges, instinctual in her movements and her moaning. Quarter after 9 I encouraged T to try and see if she could feel baby’s head.  She could feel the head, but could not tell if she felt a lip around baby’s head. A little before 930, T began to spontaneously push.  With the next surge, T’s water ruptured and the pressure increased.  T pushed in a squatting position, then moved into a semi-reclining position.  947 sweet baby Avery began to crown.  I encouraged T that was incredible and to not fear the burn.  952 the head was born followed a minute later with the rest of sweet Avery.  T pushed Avery out into the water and helped me bring her to her chest.  We stimulated her with a towel.  Avery looked around, and let out a cry. Avery nursed like a champ, and enjoyed a gentle, healing herbal bath with her mama in the early postpartum. Such hard work bringing a baby earthside.  T did incredible!  Welcome to the world Avery Grace born on January 10, 2014 at 9:53pm, weighing in at 8.2#, 19.75 inches long.  So blessed to have been part of Avery’s birthing day.

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