Testimony #23


There are no words to express how blessed I am to have found such an incredible midwife. The first time I met Shannon, I knew that she would be my healthcare provider. I had gone to a birthing center for an interview there and while it was a beautiful facility, it still felt cold and just not what I wanted. I decided to look into homebirth and the name that kept appearing when I asked for suggestions was Shannon. Shannon welcomed not only me into her practice, but my entire family. My daughter came with me to every appointment and when she wanted to, she got to help find baby’s heartbeat and measure my belly. My husband met Shannon after I had decided she was going to be my midwife and instantly understood why I knew she was “the one”. Shannon is not only an incredibly patient and understanding person, but she is knowledgeable and kind. This was my second midwife attended birth, my first home birth, and the difference between birth experiences is like night and day. To be in the comfort of my own home, knowing I am being attended to by someone I know and trust made my birthing experience so different. Shannon was there to ease my every worry (and yes, there are even worries on the second baby…and I bet on the third and fourth as well!) She was there for me when I needed her to listen and became more than a midwife, she became a friend. When I was in labor with my son, Shannon was there by my side, watching steadfast as I went on my journey to bring baby earthside. I never felt pushed, I never felt pressured, but I always felt supported. If I am in need of a midwife again – I won’t have to look far.  Lorena, Cypress, mother of Griffin born on January 13, 2014

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