Testimonial #58


“This was my second birth with Shannon and I love her more and more!

My midwife l❤️ves me

Y’all. I cannot say this seriously enough. Shannon Stellhorn is the best midwife ever. My total L&D was 2.5 hours. My water broke about 1:30 am and Shannon was prompt and even though contractions hadn’t started yet. By the time she got there they were 1.5 mins apart! When she says something about a fast and furious birth, she means it! Whew! I was NOT expecting a birth like that but Shannon knew what she was doing. Zeke came with 5 mins of pushing as I was in a standing squat holding onto my husband for support. Zeke had problems breathing on his own and that became apparent when Shannon started vitals. Immediately she kicked into life saving mode. She was calm, collected, and knew exactly what to do. I must also praise Hunter Clayburn because this duo saved my sons life. They knew what homeopathy to use, when to call an ambulance, and how to control the room. I was in shock. It didn’t really hit me until a few days later what all had transpired. Amy Embrey and Shani Van Patten were awesome in their assistance to Shannon in anyway that she needed. They knew when to step back and let Shannon take control. Amy had taken over as my primary but unfortunate circumstances made Shannon take back over immediately PP with Zeke. Everyone kept such good records of what happened, knew exactly what to do and say to those who needed to hear it. While this was not the birth I had planned, I would never do another birth without Shannon and her team! She saved my baby’s life while still respecting my wishes. Shannon, Hunter, Amy, and Shani I cannot thank you all deeply enough for all that you have done for me and my family. You are heroes.” Courtney, Magnolia, mother of Zeke, born September 21, 2018

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