Testimonial #44


“Where do I even begin? I started care with Shannon late in my third trimester. As a first time mama,  I didn’t want just anyone.  I needed to know that this person would have my best interest in heart, that I would be listened to,  and given a chance for my body to do what it was created to do. Shannon is this,  and way much more. I loved her instantly. She is professional, organized and yet makes you feel like you are the most important person to her.  She is so attentive to your needs in appointments and even over texts which seem like they might be the most ridiculous questions.  They are never ridiculous to her. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. I cannot recommend her enough and I tell everyone about her. I feel like she was a gift to us through our journey, and our experience and lives have been enriched from encountering her. I know yours will be too if you choose to walk this Sacred Journey with Shannon.” Tania, Houston, mother of Hezekiah born on September 9, 2015

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