Testimonial #18


Having Shannon as our midwife was such a blessing. When we first found out we were expecting baby number two we knew we wanted a home birth. But we just didn’t know how we would pay for it. We called Shannon to set up a meeting but then decided we could not afford it. I ended up seeing the same Dr. that I saw with my first. With my first I was GBS+ and the case was the same with this one. They told me that because I had GBS at the beginning of this pregnancy they would not test again and had not given me any other options but to have antibiotics. I did not feel in control of this birth process and my husband was very supportive so we decided to call Shannon again even though we did not know how we would pay her. She was so sweet! We instantly felt at peace with her and she was willing to work with us which was a major blessing. My husband and I definitely felt that Shannon wanted to encourage me on my labor journey. She helped make this birthing experience so exciting and peaceful. We will be going back to her for our future births!  Alicia, Spring, mother of Olivia born on January 29, 2014

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