Birth Story of Revan


Rosie 1 R and C started care with me in the first trimester of R’s fourth pregnancy.  This was the second pregnancy I was getting to provide care for R through. R battled through several obstacles through out her pregnancy, which was unlike her other pregnancies.  The first trimester brought heavy bleeding and low hormone levels.  I think we both cried tears of joy when R stopped by at 10 weeks and we heard the sweet boy’s heart beat!  The second and third trimester definitely brought their own obstacles as well!  As the end drew near, R began to experience prodromal labor, which was also a first for her. A week from her due date, R sent me a text asking if she could come by for a membrane sweep.  She was feeling worn down from the weeks of prodromal labor, with the last day or two having contractions ranging from 2-25 minutes apart.  R came over that evening.  Her cervix was 3cm dilated, 50% effaced and baby was at a -2 station.  I swept her membranes and sent her with a birth pool.  In R’s previous home births, she had birthed in her bath tub.  However, since her last birth, she had moved and the bath tub in her current house wasn’t comforting to R for labor.  R generally labors very quickly and was unsure there was time to fill the birth pool. R came by the next morning around 930am for a second sweep.  Her contractions were coming about every 10 minutes.  I made R a cup of pregnancy tea with some herbal tinctures and honey to drink, and then did the second sweep.  I recommended R go for a walk and see what happens.  I was sure she would be needing me that day. Around 1pm, R noticed the contractions changed and became much stronger and regular.  I received a text around 1:20 saying that R’s mom thought I should come.  I arrived around 1:45, which was perfect timing, because R was just stating she wanted me to come. I found R sitting on her birth ball, her demeanor very different.  She was knitting furiously, contractions coming every 2-2.5 minutes, lasting about 45 seconds.  We chatted and R became emotional over the stress of the day and the stress of the contractions.  I could tell that R was moving into active labor.  R’s mom helped me get the pool filling.  I could tell she would be wanting the birth pool soon. R moved around the room some while the birth pool was filling.  She snacked on kit kats, joking about her healthy labor snack.  About 245, the pool was ready and so was R.  She changed her clothes and got into the warm birth pool, laboring on her knees. Rosie 4 As the 3pm hour came, R became more serious during contractions.  She faced her husband, holding his hands.  I began providing counter pressure above R’s sacrum during contractions. Rosie 6 I could see that R was feeling more pressure.  She began to very quietly weep and moan with surges.  R’s doula jumped in for counter pressure as I finished getting things ready for delivery. R’s water spontaneously broke at 357, followed by R exclaiming over and over, “He is coming!” R placed her hand and helped guide the baby’s head as he started to sit on the perineum.  The head began to crown at 4:02pm.  Another push, and sweet Revan was birthed into his mama’s waiting arms at 4:03pm.  He took a few minutes and some deep suctioning to get all the mucus out, but soon he was pink and wailing for all to hear! Rosie 5Rosie 3 Welcome to the world sweet Revan!  Born earth side on January 7, 2016 at 4:03pm, weighing in at 8lbs 2ozs, 20.5 inches long.  Revan is loved and cherished so much by his three older brothers.  It was such a joy to serve this family for a second time.   #sacredjourneymidwifery #houston #midwifelife

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