Birth Story of Noah


L transferred care to me at 24 weeks along in her pregnancy.  She was unhappy with her current provider and was really looking forward to a home water birth. L’s pregnancy progressed beautifully.  At 38 weeks, ultrasound confirmed that L’s fluid level was low.  A cervical exam found her to be 4cm already so we did a membrane sweep.  Her husband, F, is an acupuncturist and was going to work his magic to encourage labor to start. The next morning I went to see L and see what was going on.  Her contractions were all over the place, but currently they were a little distant and not very strong.  A cervical exam found her to be 5cm dilated, 80% effaced and at a +1 station.  We did another sweep.  L told F to go give me an acupuncture session while she walked. I could tell while I was lying in the acupuncture room that contractions were definitely more intense.  I could hear her gentle moans coming about every 4 minutes.  She felt like fluid might be trickling, but she was unsure.  F took the needle out about 30 minutes later and I went to check on L.  We chatted, and then she got up to walk to her restroom.  She stepped into the rest room and her membranes released.  We were definitely having a baby. Contractions were consistently every four minutes, lasting a minute.  We brought the birth pool in and got it ready for the birth.  L rested on her side for awhile, and then got in the shower.  The shower brought the contractions on closer. Soon the birth team slowly scattered in.  The doula, birth photographer, birth assistant…  The tub was soon filled, and mama was surrounded by support. Contractions were soon coming closer and nausea was building.  F provided acupressure to L to help with the nausea.  A little after 2, L requested a cervical exam.  She was now 6/100/+1. L soon got in the pool.  She changed positions often and did wonderful being in tune with her body.  As 5pm neared, she was beginning to feel pushy.  Thirty minutes later, we did a check to see if there was cervix.  L had an anterior lip of cervix, completely effaced and at a +2 station.  I encouraged L to breathe through a few contractions. The pushing urge built, but that stubborn anterior lip would not resolve no matter what we would do.  L was getting quite exhausted and decided she would like to transport to the hospital.  We got her ready and got to the hospital. It was a stressful experience at the hospital, but L got her vaginal birth just after 1am.  Sweet, handsome 5.15# baby boy.  L was amazing through out her labor and birth. Congrats L and F on your precious little guy!

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