Birth Story of Lanigrace


I clearly remember the first time M called me asking questions about midwifery services. She said, “I am 43. Do you think my uterus will work?” M was pregnant with baby number 7. When she had baby number 5, the obstetrician who delivered her baby told her she needed to stop having babies because her uterus would not work. That made me sad. M had a home birth with her previous baby. It was an interesting experience for her. She was at home preparing for maternity pictures at 39 weeks pregnant. She had been having contractions all day, but thought they were braxton hicks. Later she realized she was having to breathe through contractions while doing the pictures. Suddenly, she realized the baby was coming. She had to let it be okay with her. As soon as she felt ok with baby coming, baby was born 5 minutes later. It was quite a birth experience for M. Pregnancy progressed wonderfully for M. A week before her due date, M text me that she was contracting. She stated she had been contracting for a few hours, but now they were coming a little closer and getting longer and stronger. I was at another birth assisting another midwife. I will not lie. Panic set in for me on if I would make this birth. I was 1.5 hours away from M from my current location. M wanted to try a bath and then would decide if she wanted me to come. 45 minutes passed and she asked me to come. I left the birth I was at and raced my way to M. I got to M around 530 that evening. M was happily talking when I walked in. Contractions were coming every 3 minutes, lasting a minute long. M had a birth pool she had bought for her last birth that she never got to use. The older children got to work setting it up and filling it up. M was sitting on the birth ball awhile, and then got on her hands and knees leaning on the birth ball. She labored so well. A little after 7, contractions were obviously more intense and M decided to get in the tub. She was surrounded by 5 of her 6 children, her were anxiously awaiting the birth of their baby. Words can’t describe how sweet and beautiful it was to be sitting there, watching this mama labor surrounded by her children who were all “doulaing” her. Soon M began to moan with contractions. Pushing followed. Soon the head emerged. I felt a cord around the neck, but it was too snug to loop over the head. With the next contraction, baby girl was here. Big sister R helped catch her baby sister and somersault her out of the nuchal cord. Baby girl was placed on mom’s chest, and stimulated with a warm towel. M was strong and amazing bringing her baby girl in the world. The other children stood amazed, gazing at their baby sister. Baby soon latched and was nursing like a champ. The placenta soon followed. After baby girl was done nursing, we got mom out of the tub and cleaned up and to the couch. A couple of the big brothers helped cut the umbilical cord. I have never seen boys so fascinated with the placenta before. These boys wanted to touch it, play with it. They thought it was quite exciting! After postpartum care was complete and mom and baby were tucked into bed, I drove back to the original birth and helped my dear midwife friend with her patient. Congrats M and W on your blessing from God! Lanigrace Joy was born on January 24, 2013 at 0753 weighing in at 8.6# and 18″ long. What a pleasure it was for me to help welcome you to the world baby girl!

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