Birth Story of Kashton


C had recently moved to the states from Canada when she found out she was pregnant. For years, C and D struggled with getting pregnant. After getting pregnant the first two times using fertility treatments, baby 3 and 4 followed naturally. Needless to say, everything was a shock. C had a history of precipitous deliveries. Her first baby she went to the hospital with contractions, but they sent her home because she was 2cm. An hour later she delivered her first baby in the ambulance. Her next baby came as soon as she got to the hospital. She opted for a home birth the third time and her midwives made it about 30 minutes before delivery. Seeing as there was no family local to take children and she delivers so quickly, C decided home birth was the route to go again as well. C text me around 11pm on 02/25 saying she had a few contractions 3-5 minutes apart. I packed up and went her way. When I arrived, C was walking circles around her house, lifting her belly as she walked. A little after midnight we did the initial labor assessment and found C to be 7 cm dilated, completely effaced and baby engaged at a 0 station. C was shocked she was so far along as she said this labor did not feel like her other labors. She described her other labors as feeling as though she was “dry heaving out her vagina.” This was much calmer. C continued to walk circles and we got her bath tub ready for birth. She had a water birth at her last home birth and she wanted to do that this time as well. Close to 1am, C said she was starting to feel pushy and thought she should get in the tub. She got in the bath tub. Contractions spaced a bit and she got frustrated. She started complaining that this labor was so boring, nothing like her others. We laughed. I told her a lot of women would like a boring labor. She laughed. Minutes later she got into a hands and knees position. She was still chatting. Mid sentence she started grunting. I put my hand down and found a bulging bag of water and a head. As the head began to emerge, the water broke. A minute later, baby was here! C helped bring her baby up from the water. C and D had not found out the sex of their baby until this moment. Baby is a boy! Because baby came so fast, he was gurgly and wet. I worked on him for a few minutes to help clear the fluid and he soon pinked right up. C got into bed and baby boy latched like a champ! Welcome to the world Kashton Wake, born on 02/26/2013 at 0111 am, weighing in at 7.2# and 19.25 inches!

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