Birth Story of Joshua


A and T started care with me in the first trimester of their third pregnancy.  They had their previous child at home with me.  You can read about their first story here.

A’s pregnancy progressed along with no issues.  Since A’s last baby came after her due date, we expected this little one to come late as well.

A sent a text around 1030pm on July 21st informing me that she thought her water had broken.  Despite all the things we normally recommend to try, it still seemed so unsure.  I discussed things for A to watch, and if labor does not start or still unsure in the morning, I would have her come over.

A sent a text in the morning stating that mild contractions had started around 11pm, that became regular and more intense around 6am.  Her doula had arrived, but at 8am, things were intense, and she was ready for the team!

I arrived at 9am, and found A laboring peacefully on her bed in hands and knees.  All vitals were great, and I did a cervical check.  A was 8cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a 0 station. Based on how baby’s head felt on the cervix, I recommended A try open knee chest for 40 minutes to help her little guy move around.

After open knee chest, A moved to sitting on her birth ball, eating eggs, bacon, and toast in between contractions.

At 1045am, apprentice A taught T how to perform lift and tucks with A during ten contractions.  Lift and tucks seem to make a shift in the labor pattern, and these proved to do the same for A, as her contractions became stronger, and she became more focused on them after the ten contractions.  Her contractions were now coming every 3 minutes, and lasting 60+ seconds in length.

A got into the birth pool at 1122am, laboring on her knees.  Things were intense, and A was focused on the labor dance, moaning with contractions and resting more in between.

A continued to move around the pool, sipping on fluids every couple of contractions.  An hour later, we tried homeopathy to see if it would get us to the finish line, and began to do asymmetrical positions in the pool to give baby room to rotate on down.

As 1pm neared, A got out of the pool.  Her instincts said she needed to walk, so she got out and started walking around the house.  She was ready to be meeting her baby.

I did an exam around 130pm, and found A to be 9cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby at a 0 station with cervical swelling on the left side.  I recommended side lying using the peanut ball to help with the one sided cervical swelling.  We positioned her on one side with the peanut ball for 15 minutes, and then switched to the other side for 15 minutes.

A labored on the toilet at 215pm, feeling exhausted from the work.  I reviewed some positions we may try with her if she was open to them, and began administering some other homeopathic remedies to help.

I did an exam at 239pm, and found great progress in the last hour.  She was now 9.5cm/100% effaced/0 station with reduced cervical swelling.  I suggested a practice push, and the cervix completely dilated and baby dropped to +3.

Active pushing began at 241pm.  A had a water birth with her last little one, and was determined to have one with this little guy.  She moved into the birth pool at 244pm.  The first contraction in the pool, A pushed her little guy’s head out.  Seconds later, he was here!

Welcome to the world, Joshua!  Born earthside on July 22, 2019 at 246pm, weighing 8lbs 8ozs and 22in long.  He was his mama’s biggest baby, and took her on a longer journey than expected, but his mama was powerfully strong through every step, trusting the journey.

Funny thing, this little guy was wrapped multiple times in his cord just like his big sister was!  That was interesting to me!


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