Birth Story of Cierra


Dottie 1 D and S started care with me early in the first trimester of D’s third pregnancy.  Five years earlier, I was blessed to have been part of S and D’s birth journey as their doula.  Pregnant again, D wanted to pursue a home water birth this time around with me as her midwife, instead of her doula. Pregnancy progressed normally for D.  When 37 weeks arrived, so did the grueling world of prodromal labor.  Regular contractions, sometimes intense, came and would stay for hours on end, exhausting D in every way possible. Two days passed D’s guess date, she sent me an excited text message at 4:50pm saying her water just broke.  I called and spoke with her and we discussed a plan.  D was going to try to nap, but the labor waves soon kicked in.  Within an hour the labor waves were coming on strong, about every4 minutes, lasting 45 seconds or so.  D described the waves similar to when her water was broken in her previous birth and the pitocin was started. My midwife gut suspected a precipitous birth from the start.  I had everything ready by the front door, so I could leave in a moment’s notice. Soon, S started texting me.  He made a comment that she was vocal and things seemed to be going much quicker than their first birth.  I told him if it is okay, I think I should come.  I left and headed their way, arriving a little before 7pm. I found D laboring in the birth pool when I arrived, and could tell that things were moving along quickly for her.  I did initial vitals and she decided to get out for the cervical exam.  Her cervix was dilated 5cm, 90% effaced and baby was at a 0 station.  Things were definitely moving along quickly.  We helped D get back to the pool, stopping a couple times while walking back where D squatted to get through the labor waves, joking “I have been doing 300 a day…  or more like 10!” D got back into the pool and sunk into the warm water on her knees.  I offered her an herbal tincture to help her feel more calm through her intense labor.  Her doula came and began applying counter pressure on her back, which offered some relief.  Soon everyone D wanted there began to arrive, and surrounded her with love and support.  She later said it was a blessing to have every person there to help her through the journey as she needed everyone there. Dottie 3 As the 8pm hour appeared, I could tell things were shifting.  Baby must be moving down, the birthing dance would soon reach its finale.  D asked for everyone to read her affirmations to her that she had fixed all over the walls.  All of her birth support would take a turn speaking her affirmations over her. Dottie 2 D began to say she felt done and didn’t want to go on, and the next labor wave brought on the primal groans that told me baby was near.  I put on gloves and went over to her, to be near.  I had my apprentice give her a dose of rescue remedy to help her have the calm to finish the journey.  Baby was at a +2 station and had an anterior lip. I was able to help D reduce the lip quite rapidly.  At 8:39pm, D began to push and the lip reduced immediately.  A moment later the baby’s head was crowning.  I talked to D gently, keeping her focused.  S helped D keep her bottom in the water to finish the birth journey.  One more push brought the rest of the baby. S and D waited until this very moment to discover if their new baby was a boy or girl.  S and I got the baby to D’s chest, and after a moment I asked D if she looked.  I helped hold up the baby so S and D could announce to the crowd that their newest family member was a girl! Dottie 4 Welcome to the world Cierra, born earthside on April 3, 2016 a 8:41pm, weighing in at 7lbs, 12ozs, 20″ long.  Cierra is so loved by her older brother and sister who have been anxiously waiting for her arrival.  It was such a joy to serve this family for a second time. #sacredjourneymidwifery

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