Birth Story of Carson


Maria 3 M and S hired me in the late first trimester to serve as their doula for their hospital birth.  This was M’s third baby, and she was planning for her second VBAC. At 39.1 weeks, M decided she wanted to stop by my house for a membrane sweep before going to her OB appt.  She was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced and baby was at a -1 station.  I gave her a glass of pregnancy tea to drink on the way to her appt. M kept in touch with me over the next few hours.  She was definitely feeling crampy, and soon contractions began.  By 3pm, they were in a regular pattern, coming every 4-5 mins, lasting a good minute in length.  Do to the distance from their home to their hospital they were birthing at, M and S decided to book a hotel room close to the hospital to labor in.  Once M was 8-9cm, we would move to the hospital to have a baby. Close to 330, M text that she and S were on the road heading to the hotel.  I was finishing up at a postpartum home visit.  I went home to grab my bag and headed to the hotel. I arrived close to 530pm.  M asked to be checked.  She was 5cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby was at a 0 station.  Her cervix was very stretchy.  I did notice baby was malpositioned, and encouraged M to do hands and knees for three contractions.  She was not happy with my suggestion, but happily complied since it would hopefully move things along.  Contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes, lasting 45 seconds. A little before 6, I ran M a warm bath and she got into the tub.  She labored beautifully, sipping on pregnancy tea in between contractions.  We laughed and joked, you would hardly know the woman was in labor she was so calm and peaceful. At 6:15, M asked if I wouldn’t mind checking her again.  She had made some big change in less than an hour.  6cm/100%/+1.  Things were moving along. M went into a labor daze, eyes closed, concentrating on breathing and getting through each surge.  Between every couple contractions, she sipped on laborade she had made. At 6:50, M asked to be checked again.  She was 7-8cm now.  M asked S to call the hospital to see who was in call.  He told her it didn’t matter and if she was ready to go we could get things moving. S and I talk to M about getting out of the tub.  As 7pm drew near, M stated there was so much pressure, and that she didn’t think she could make it to the hospital in time to birth the baby.  A few minutes past 7, M gets in the bed and I find her cervix to be completely dilated except for a lip and baby at a +2 station.  Her water broke five minutes later. M sits on the bed, continuing to labor through each surge, as they were now coming quickly.  Unable to move and terrified of delivery in the hospital, M stayed.  Her mom arrived around 730pm.  With her mom’s coaxing, she got up from the bed and moved to standing by the vanity. At 742 she told her mom and S that she was staying here.  She couldn’t make it to the hospital.  Her mom went into action, grabbed my keys and her and S went to get my supplies from the van. I ask M if she would like to try to birth the baby in the water, and she shook her head yes.  I went to run water into the bath tub.  At 745, M began to spontaneously push.  It was clear a water delivery was not happening.  Two minutes later, the baby was crowning, followed by his whole, sweet body a minute later. Baby boy’s cord was quite short.  M sat on the floor (she had delivered in a standing squat position).  Soon S and M’s mom were back in the room and handed me an instrument kit so we could take care of clamping and cutting the cord.  Sweet Carson was marvelous.  Crying and letting everyone know that all was well. Welcome to the world, Carson Samuel.  Born on July 23, 2014 at 7:49pm, weighing in at 8.8#, 21″ long, mama’s biggest baby, and quickest labor, yet!  So blessed and honored to have been with this sweet family on their birthing day.  I think next time they will plan for the home birth.  <3

Maria 1 Maria 2 Mom and Dad’s first sweet moments with this precious little one.

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