Birth Story of Aaron


N started receiving care with me at the start of the third trimester.  N and R had just moved back to the area from the east coast.  N had a sweet three year old little girl that she had a cesarean with in a military hospital.  The surgery was traumatic for N.  She felt the entire surgery and after making pleas to the hospital staff they told her to be a soldier and take it.  N wanted something different this pregnancy and birth.  She wanted a home water birth. N’s pregnancy progressed beautifully.  On the fourth of July, N called me and said she had been having a lot of cramping and contractions through out the day and wanted to get checked out.  N got to my office and found her to be 1-2 cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby at a -2 station.  N requested her membranes to be swept.  I swept her membranes and took her stair climbing on my stairs and out for curb walking before sending her home. N came by the next day for another sweep.  We talked through contractions and the labor process.  N was excited and anxious. Early on July 7th, N text me saying she was having strong contractions every 3-5 minutes lasting about a minute long.  I packed up and headed towards her home. I arrived at 6am.  Did vitals, listened to baby and then did a cervical exam to see where we stood with progress.  N was 3/60/-1.  Her contractions were coming steadily, every 4 minutes. N stayed active and changed her position often.  She bounced on her birth ball, went for walks, walked the stairs.  She did beautifully listening to her body. At 8:40am, N decided she would like another exam.  Contractions were coming every 3 minutes.  She was now 4/60/-1.  She felt encouraged there was some change and went out to curb walk. It was a nice, warm July morning here in Texas.  N decided she would like to try swimming with her husband.  She swam for an hour, moving around to encourage her baby to get in an optimal position.  Contractions got stronger in intensity while she swam around the pool. As the noon hour approached, we did a check and found no cervical change, but a very bulgy bag of water.  N continued to stay active and change her position often.  She was amazing in her labor, listening to her body and doing what she felt she needed to do to help things move along. After eating a light lunch, N went to her bed and took a good nap.  It was just what her body needed to regain energy for her labor journey. Three pm in the afternoon, N woke from her nap.  No cervical change was felt.  N decided she would like for me to rupture her bag of water and see if it would help things progress.  I ruptured her bag, and contractions picked up in intensity.  They were coming every 2-3 minutes now, and were much stronger. N went out for a walk.  When she came back, she felt like she was ready to get in the birth pool.  We got the water ready for her and she got in.  She moved around the pool, and relaxed well during her contractions.  Two hours after her water breaking, I did a cervical exam and found progress!  We were now 5cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby was at a -1 station.  N was encouraged by the progress. N stayed in the pool.  Contractions were very strong.  N kept nourished and hydrated.  At 8pm, N decided to do a cervical exam.  There was no progress.  N was tired.  She did not know if she could labor much longer without rest.  We talked options and N decided she wanted to get an epidural.  N was amazing through laboring at home.  Continually moving and listening to her body.  She was so strong. We arrived at the hospital.  The doctor and nurse were sweet.  The doctor assessed N and stated she did not do VBACs and was going to require a repeat cesarean.  It was a disappointment for everyone as we had hoped to continue the labor at the hospital.  N decided she was okay with the cesarean. N came out of surgery and was quite relieved.  She had a lot of anxiety over her last cesarean and was terrified of feeling the pain again.  N did not feel a thing during this surgery.  She could not believe that that is what a cesarean should feel like.  It was completely different the first time around. Baby Aaron latched like a champ when we helped N with her first breastfeeding session, which was another wonderful thing as N’s first baby did not nurse well. Welcome to the world sweet baby Aaron!  Born on July 7, 2013.  What a sweet little gift your are to your beautiful mama and papa.  <3

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