2019 Birth Stats


I can hardly believe that 2019 has come to an end!  It has been a year for me on a personal front, but through everything, I have been blessed to have helped 25 clients this year.

While compiling my stats for this year, I noticed some unique things to this year!  6 of my clients had babies over 9 pounds this year, with two over 10!  I had one client choose to live stream her birth via Birth Tube on Facebook which was an interesting experience.  I love my repeats so much, so much in fact that my farthest client was a three-peat who moved to Seguin!

Here are my 2019 Stats:

Total Births: 25

Boys: 13 (52%)

Girls: 12 (48%)

Most Births in a Day: 2 (this happened twice this year!)

Biggest Baby: 10lbs, 2ozs

Smallest Baby: 6lbs, 2ozs

Longest Baby: 22″

Shortest Baby: 19.25″

Longest Labor: 44 hours, 09 minutes

Shortest Labor: 58 minutes

Vaginal Births: 23 (92%)

Cesarean Births: 2 (8%)

VBACs: 3 out of 3 total clients planning a VBAC achieved their VBAC with two of those clients successfully having a VBA2C!

VBAC Clients Served: 3 (12%)

Repeat Clients Served: 18 (72%)

Water Births: 13 (52%)

Labored in the Water: 19 (76%)

Used a Doula: 6 (24%)

Breastfeeding at 6 Weeks Postpartum: 24 (96%)

Labor Started With SROM: 4 (16%)

Earliest to Deliver: 36.4 weeks

Latest to Deliver: 41.4 weeks

2020 brings some exciting changes to the practice.  Watch for our announcement in early 2020 as the practice brings on Amy Embrey after she is licensed as part time midwife to the practice. Looking forward to seeing what lessons are learned and blessings are had for 2020.


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