2018 Stats


What a blessed year 2018 has been!  I have been honored to have supported 20 families grow this year through their deliveries, as well as welcoming our longed for IVF rainbow baby.  You can read about our journey here if you want to know more about my story!  I am pretty amazed that despite a hard pregnancy, a preemie, a difficult recovery and a baby with some unique issues, I have supported 20 families!  That seems like so many with this blessed, crazy year!

This year was definitely met with a few curve balls and complications.  I dealt with two placental abruptions with clients, one including an emergency cesarean at 34 weeks and the other resulted in a newborn transport after delivery.  I had a precipitous surprise breech when I was 32 weeks and on bed rest that was crazy but went perfectly.  Just to name a few things!

Each couple becomes more than a client by time their birth ends, and it has truly been a blessing to help each one of these couples through their journey in 2018.  I am honored that they chose A Sacred Journey Midwifery Services PLLC to care for them and help them on their journey as parents.  I am sent the best clients.

Here are my 2018 Stats:

Total Births: 20

Boys: 8 (40%)

Girls: 12 (60%)

Most Births in a Day: 1 (I am grateful for that!)

Biggest Baby: 9lbs, 12ozs

Smallest Baby:  5lbs, 4ozs

Longest Baby:  23.25″

Shortest Baby:  18.25″

Longest Labor:  16 hours, 13 minutes

Shortest Labor:  1 hour, 33 minutes

Vaginal Births:  18 (90%)

Cesarean Births:  2 (10%)

VBACs:  3 out of 4 total clients planning a VBAC achieved their VBAC with two of those clients successfully having a VBA2C!

First Time Clients Served:  2 (10%) ‘

VBAC Clients Served:  4 (20%)

Repeat Clients Served:  10 (50%)

Water Births:  4 (20%)

Labored in the Water:  11 (55%)

Used a Doula:  8 (40%)

Breastfeeding at 6 Weeks Postpartum:  20 (100%)

Labor Started With SROM:  2 (10%)

Earliest to Deliver:  34.0 weeks

Latest to Deliver:  41.3 weeks

I have 18 clients on my schedule for 2019 currently!  Looking forward to seeing what lessons are learned and blessings are had for 2019.


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