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What another amazing year it has been.  There has been a lot of stretching, growing, and learning showered with so many blessings!  He is here!I am blessed to have served 38 couples as primary midwife this year.  Love each and every one of these couples and precious babies.  Rowan Twosisters joined my practice in January 2016 and it has been awesome watching her grow and shape into a midwife.  Here are the stats for 2016:

Total Births: 38

Boys:  25 (66%)

Girls:  13  (34%)

Most Births in a Day: 2, three different times!

Biggest Baby:  10lbs, 10ozs (AND no tears!!), runner up 10lbs, 4ozs.

Smallest Baby:  5lbs, 14ozs dylan-2

Longest Baby:  23.5″

Shortest Baby:  18.5″

Longest Labor:  37 hours, 50 minutes

Shortest Labor:  1 hour, 45 minutes

Vaginal Births:  33 (88%)

Cesarean Births:  5  (12%)

VBACs:  6 out of 7 totals woman planning a VBAC  (87%)

First Time Moms Served:  9 (25%) kacy-5

Water Births:  23 (61%)

Labored in the Water:  30 (79%)

Used a Doula:  18 (47%)

Breastfeeding at 6 Weeks Postpartum:  35 (93%)

Labor Started With SROM:  4 (11%)

Earliest to Deliver:  37.0

Latest to Deliver:  42.1

Auntie helped cut the cord!I have 21 clients currently for 2017, and an amazing apprentice and another junior apprentice starting with me in the Spring.  Looking forward to what 2017 holds!hoda-6

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