2015 Stats


Elena 3Sierra 1Hunter 8ShelbyJ 5 2015 has been quite a whirlwind year.  Learning and growing never cease that is for sure!  It has been a blessing to serve 40 families this year as their midwife.  The early Spring season was rougher than I would have liked, but thankful for the continued growth and lessons.  What a wonderful, powerful year it was.  Here are the stats:   Total Births:  40 Boys:  18 (45%) Girls:  22 (55%) Most Births in a Day: 1, but twice had two in labor on same day, different delivery days Biggest Baby:  9lbs. 11ozs. Smallest Baby:  5lbs. 14ozs. Longest Baby:  22.5″ Shortest Baby:  18.5″ Longest Labor:  43 hours, 35 minutes Shortest Labor:  1 hour, 15 minutes Vaginal Births:  33 (83%) Cesarean Births:  7  (17%) VBACs:  5 successful out of 6 TOLACs  (83%) First Time Moms Served:  12 (30%) Water Births:  13 (33%) Labored in the Water:  31 (78%) Used a Doula:  28 (70%) Breastfeeding at 6 Weeks Postpartum:  37 (93%) Labor Started With SROM:  9 (23%) Earliest to Deliver:  37.3 Latest to Deliver:  42.2   I currently have 20 women due in 2016, and have an amazing midwifery student joining my practice next week!  Looking forward to the continued growth of myself and my practice in 2016!  #sacredjourneymidwifery #houston #midwifelife Sheena 9Sharon 4Shara 3

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